Born from the cohesion of two young designers, the brand focuses on the design, production and distribution of furnishings and accessories aiming global quality standards. The word quality for us is not only the definition of a particular component, it involves the whole production life, from its conception, design, manufacture and most of all the interaction between user and product in terms of functionality, perceived values and environmental sustainability.
The quality attention begins during the design phase with the selection of natural materials, recycled, easily reusable or disposed.
This attitude is distinguished by extending the normal life-cycle of each product in a continuous research of modularity and flexibility that leads us to constantly evaluate new applications for the same object.
Versatile Products along with adaptable and convertible objects may easily extend their need over time, finding application in new and unexpected contexts.
The design research is developed thanks to an ongoing study of old and new technologies and gets implemented through merging and transferring  such features within our products. 
The design of user-friendly fittings and instructions along with a minimal but effective packaging allows final user to avoid the need of experienced staff, significantly saving efforts in terms of economics and environmental resources. 
The production is entirely followed by the designers, totally made in Italy and concentrated in handcraft workshops in order to minimize resources involved in the entire production cycle.

Alessandro Camiciotti

Giacomo Guerrini